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We are the marketplace that connects brands and designers with boutiques across Europe. We are reinventing business by returning to personal contact, old values and new brands. We want to put service and the customer back in the foreground and give you back a piece of quality of life. Quality, sustainability and fair trade are important building blocks in our TRADE!

Price wars with competitors are out of the question for us – the customer comes first. We think YOU are worth it for YOU and especially for US! My name is Torsten Resch and I am the founder of H21. I stand behind this philosophy 100% with my name. Let’s go back together to perfect service and quality, sustainability and fair cooperation. With your purchase, YOU support social projects such as nestwärme and children’s hospice work. We want to give back to society and together we help the weakest in our midst from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for accompanying us on this journey, Yours sincerely, Torsten Resch!