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Konplott Jewellery & Accessories in the TRIER GALERIE

You will find a large selection of modern and unusual jewellery in the Konplott Store on the 1st floor of the TRIER GALERIE

in 1986: Konplott jewellery starts with its collection
Konplott jewellery has become an indispensable part of many jewellery boxes. The jewellery brand for stylish and self-confident women has long since established itself in the fashion world. The label was founded in 1986, and Konstantinidou set up the first Konplott branch of the company, which now employs around 1,200 people, in Trier in 1997

Squiggly elements: traditions and myths
Whether classic floral and pearl elements, glittering Swarovski stones, silver and brass-coloured or copper-look settings, whether leather, wood or glass – the necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and accessories by Konplott show a great variety between modernity and tradition in terms of materials, decorations and colours. Some pieces of jewellery and collection names even tell a story or are reminiscent of old legends, myths and traditions. You can find out everything you need to know in the Konplott Shop in the TRIER GALERIE

Miranda Konstantinidou – the founder of Konplott jewellery
Exclusive and unusual taste and a lot of imagination: this is what Konplott founder and designer Miranda Konstantinidou is known for. Born in Greece, she has always been very fond of fashion and jewellery. She studied fashion design and fashion graphics in Bologna and Trier.

CERTIFIED: Limited Edition Jewellery by Konplott
The creativity and attention to detail of Konplott jewellery designer Miranda Konstantinidou as well as her penchant for the unusual are evident in the limited edition jewellery pieces. Almost every month, one (or even several) new Konplott collections appear. Each of them is the result of painstakingly fine craftsmanship. In the Konplott Shop in the TRIER GALERIE you will find a large selection of the current jewellery collections.