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MUSTANG JEANS: Honest quality at sensational prices
Jeans fashion for women and men is and will remain a perennial favorite when it comes to clothing. Dressing well, feeling comfortable and not disguising yourself is an everyday need that is close to our hearts. Because the best you can be is still yourself. That’s why MUSTANG relies on a thoroughly honest denim philosophy that focuses on naturalness and originality. You can always recognize MUSTANG jeans by the fact that they not only fit you perfectly in terms of size and cut, but also otherwise. Because every person is unique and therefore there is a need for variety in washes and shapes. Good thing we have plenty of these in stock!

Our range of denim ranges from men’s jeans, women’s jeans, denim jackets, denim shirts to denim dungarees: there is something special for everyone. Our fits Oregon, Sissy, Jasmin, Oklahoma, Austin, Mia, Zoe, Mary, Michigan, Tramper and many more stand for individuality and variety in slim fit, tapered, straight leg, bootcut, stretch, used look, boyfriend and mom style. Do you want to know what type of jeans you are? We are happy to help! No matter what you are looking for – you will certainly find it at MUSTANG.

The True Denim Story:
In 1948, Albert Sefranek exchanged 6 bottles of schnapps for 6 original US jeans, thereby laying the foundation for a German success story in the denim business. Because in addition to a healthy down-to-earth attitude, it is above all innovative strength and creativity that characterize the company. So it’s no wonder that MUSTANG launched the first women’s jeans and the first corduroy jeans in Europe, as well as the first stretch jeans in the world. Just like a perfectly coordinated lifestyle offer that complements the classic jeans with licenses in the areas of shoes, leather, belts, bodywear, socks and bags.

So MUSTANG is the traditional brand that has already provided all sorts of material for great stories. But above all for jeans that are as real as the people who wear them. Exactly: true denim for true people.

Buy this lifestyle at the best prices. Authentic shirts, sweaters, shoes and accessories are waiting for you!