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The Sushi Restaurant in Trier – Sushi & more in the TRIER GALERIE

Sushi is not only the most popular dish in Japan, it is also the pinnacle of Japanese culinary art. The result is equally appealing to the eyes and the palate.

In the TRIER GALERIE you will find a high-quality food concept with the restaurant “Sushi & more”, which convinces with absolute freshness and friendly service.

The menu
The variety of the menu at “Sushi & more” leaves hardly anything to be desired. From classic sushi rolls, to vegetarian versions with avocado and cucumber, to fancy spring rolls and temaki, there’s something for everyone. Even meat lovers get their money’s worth with the Japanese version of the Peking roll (with duck breast). In addition to an individual composition of the small delicacies, you can of course also order a menu (also for two or four people) – of course everything is also available to take away at Shushi & more.

Fresh and deliciously prepared every day, that’s what shop owner Pham promises his customers. Two fancy salad variations as well as the delicious ramen soups complete the offer of the sushi restaurant.

As the life expectancy of the Japanese shows (with over 82 years, unbeaten in first place, worldwide), they seem to eat a very healthy diet. Fish, rice and soya make up a significant part of their healthy diet!

Interesting facts about sushi
Sushi is a very healthy meal – for several reasons:
Sushi contains almost the same nutritional values as other foods, but significantly less fat. The high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids in fish helps prevent strokes and heart attacks. Rice makes blood sugar levels rise more slowly during digestion. The high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids in fish helps prevent strokes and heart attacks. Rice causes the blood sugar level to rise more slowly during digestion. This makes the feeling of satiety last longer.
Sushi has so few calories

Rice has about 100 calories per 100 grams. The calorie value of a whole sushi roll varies depending on the size and toppings. A whole kappa maki (cucumber roll) has about 100 calories. One piece of a California roll (30 grams) is about 35-40 calories. A typical small sushi meal, consisting of eight different nigiri and two pieces of a thin roll (e.g. kappa maki, tekka maki), comes to about 450 kcal

The Sushi & more restaurant on the ground floor of the TRIER GALERIE is looking forward to your visit!